Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Real Wedding: Lighthouses and Love

I have to admit, sometimes the best things are right in front of us and we don't see them. Take the Bill Baggs state park in Key Biscayne. Growing up in South Florida, for years I took this place for granted. Yes, it's a lighthouse and it has all the mystery and charm that a lighthouse has. Yet it was never a big deal for me, just another beach in the endless choice of beaches we are blessed with in South Florida. That was until I started performing weddings there and I re-discovered this great treasure and the endless ways of photographing, viewing and just admiring it. Which brings me to the story of my latest couple, Judi and Ron. They came looking for a lighthouse and found the "perfect" lighthouse. You see, Judi and Ron love lighthouses and for their own special reasons both have a tattoo on their arms of a lighthouse. When Ron walked on to the beach he was shocked. The lighthouse depicted in his tattoo was identical to the lighthouse at the Bill Baggs State Park where they were married this weekend. This couple came from Clearwater and had never been to the park, the man who designed his tattoo had never seen this lighthouse either! Call is coincidence or destiny. Either way they got their perfect lighthouse and perfect wedding ceremony. Congratulations Ron and Judi!

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