Monday, October 26, 2009

Destination Weddings: Who Pays for What?

Many times we are asked what  is the proper etiquette when it comes to destination weddings.  Most people know when it comes to a traditional wedding, but what about when you get married away from home.  Do the same rules still apply?  Here is a handy guide, provided courtesy of The Knot, which should help clarify these questions and help with your planning process.

The bride and groom (and/or their parents) are expected to pay for:

The wedding reception (whether it's a five-course meal or a beer-and-burgers bash)
A rehearsal dinner
A welcome party
A morning-after brunch (a friend or family member may volunteer to host this for you as a gift)

    We highly recommend the hosts also cover:

    Selected activities (a group sailing trip, a tour around town)

    Transportation to and from the ceremony and reception sites

    A shuttle to pick up your guests at the airport when they arrive

    Attendant hotel rooms. According to tradition, the bride and her family should cover lodging for the bridesmaids; the groom or his family should do the same for the groomsmen. If these expenses will burst your budget, tell your attendants their presence is a gift to you. (Keep in mind: If hotel room rates are $400 a night, that may be more of a present than they intended to give!)

    Travel expenses for VIPs with no other means to make it to the wedding (think: elderly relatives or the starving-artist bridesmaid)

      Guests should expect to pay for:

      Their plane ticket to and from the destination

      Their hotel room stay

      Any meals or beverages that are not part of the wedding festivities

      Any non-wedding activities that choose to participate in

        Attendants should expect to pay for:

        Travel to and from the destination

        Formalwear and accessories

        Hair and makeup or spa appointments

        Food and drinks that aren't part of a wedding event

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